Leadership Training At Its Finest

eventsRich Hart provides a number of unique training courses and business development services that will enlighten attendees and spice up your next event. Offerings include keynote speeches, workshops, and leadership presentations. Rich is highly energized and interweaves personal stories and humor with meaningful content that will motivate participants.

Being Heard Above the Noise

This interactive keynote presentation details the six critical areas of planning and development real estate professionals overlook when creating long-term business plans. This course was designed for novice to advanced professionals who face a multitude of choices on how to increase their productivity and profitability. Topics covered include finance, acquired skills, creative technology, relationships, mentoring and success fold teaming.

Presenting Words

The fear of public speaking ranks as one of the most nerve-wracking challenges for many real estate and business professionals. Buyer and seller presentation seminars open opportunities for developing client relations, but professional agents often lack the presentation skills and confidence to construct effective programs. Assembling the correct words can be difficult enough without adding the fear of presenting your information to a group. This session is designed to guide real estate and associated business professionals through the process of crafting and presenting a defined, quality message and uncover the methods of delivering that message with the confidence that will motivate client and customer audiences. You have the gift of gab, and Rich presents the methods to make you a more effective communicator.

Super Excellence

In today’s diverse and ever-changing global business environment, service is the prime separator between many real estate brokers, managers and sales professionals. Some of the toughest challenges come from managing the expectations of the process so your clients know what to expect when the plan needs to change. This session takes a detailed look at relationships in the real estate industry and what we as professionals need to focus on to perform for productivity and profitability.


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