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Increasing Wealth and Ownership through Real Estate Investment Avenues on the Rich Hart Show

Increasing Wealth and Ownership through Real Estate Investment Avenues on the Rich Hart Show

Guest: John Mangham, CPA

Known as the “1031 Guy”, John has been involved in all facets of real estate since the 1980’s. As a CPA, licensed broker, and active investor, he works with investors and has formed syndications to buy, hold, build, manage, lease and sell properties. On an ongoing basis he provided consulting and education services to investors, attorneys and CPAs, specifically with respect to IRS Section 1031 tax-deferred exchange strategies. Through his representation of Starker Services, Inc., the nation’s best-known independent qualified intermediary company, Mr. Mangham, counsels clients throughout the Southeastern United States.

His responsibilities include completing successful tax-deferred exchanges for owners and brokers of real estate, providing education in the form of workshops and seminars and continuing education courses to real estate, accounting, and legal professionals. Mr. Mangham has authored many articles and has been featured on both radio and television programs discussing real estate and tax-deferred exchanges. A nationally recognized speaker, he has spoken for the National Association of Realtors, many State and Local Boards of Realtors, the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, and many national real estate companies.

Mr. Mangham maintains memberships in the Georgia Society of CPAs, the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, and the Georgia Real Estate Educators Association. He has served as president of the Georgia Chapter of the Real Estate Educators Association and the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managing Members (NARPM). He received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting from Auburn University. Mr. Mangham lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

John Mangham Key Elements of Successful REAL Estate Investing “Being that Wealth Building Platform Investor”

Topic: The Premise of Increasing Wealth and Ownership through Real Estate Investment Avenues


Real Estate Investing… the Buy & Hold World… People, Property & the Wealth within… Real Estate Professional… or Ownership when it comes to Building Wealth …

The Real Estate Professional / Today’s Investor/ Rules of the Game…
Education, Services, Tools of the Profession…

1031 Exchange as a Gateway towards building wealth… Industry Pitfalls, Pro’s / Con’s and Principals of the 1031 Exchange… The Tax Man and the Governmental and State Rules & Regulations… Why Starker Services as an Intermediary…

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