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How Money Works, the Money Make Over, Wealth Building 101 & Six Steps of Debt Management on Rich Hart Show

How Money Works, the Money Make Over, Wealth Building 101 & Six Steps of Debt Management on Rich Hart Show

Noelle Kim, Financial Professional
Wealthwave Financial Advisor

Noelle Kim is an investment advisor representative of Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.,

Noelle has been in the financial services industry for 18 years.

Her background in marketing, coaching, team building, and public speaking provides her with well-rounded perspective to different financial challenges, concerns, and successes.

She is dedicated to building, investing, and accumulating wealth through a range of financial products and services for her clients and their families. She develops a targeted and coordinated investment strategy to help them meet their financial goals. She uses a collaborative approach to provide clear facts and customized recommendations which allow clients to make informed decisions.

Noelle and her team are on a mission to bring the American Dream to reality through financial education and financial empowerment to Americans to take control of their financial life.


-A large selection of specific financial products tailored to fit your personal needs.

-Financial education for individuals of all ages and organizations that need it the most.


– Tell Your Story
– Rise to the Financial Resources Platform

– Your history and background
– Why Financial Services and what has the Financial Services Industry been able to carve out for you
– What took you down the path of the Financial Freedom Gateway

How Money Really Works
Taking the How Money Works Challenge
Welcome to Wealth Building 101
Individual Money Make Over
GAP OF WEALTH for many individuals today
Men, Woman, Generations, Millennials, Working Professionals

6 STEPS to Financial

1 – Independence

2 – Debt Management

3 – Emergency Funds

4 – Cash Flow

5 – Proper Protection

6 – Building Wealth & Estate Preservation

What you should know about retirement but we’re too afraid to look at your checking account
It’s not too late to start thinking about tomorrow
Need for Industry Professionals & Career Changing in the Financial Services Industry

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