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Special Programs

The educational programs below were developed by Rich Hart. Click below to read more about the content of each program and about how they will transform your mindset.

F.O.C.U.S. of ONE

Keynote Presentation/Breakout Session

Rich engages individuals through personal and business challenges by simply applying the concept of F.O.C.U.S. (First Opportunity to Create Unlimited Success).

Focus is one of the toughest skills to master and definitely the hardest to maintain in order to reach planned objectives. However, when you actively seek focus, F.O.C.U.S. becomes the only plan. For many professionals, intentions are great but we often lose momentum in the execution. Or, when faced with tough business and personal challenges, our tendency is to become overwhelmed and out of focus. It’s at these points where performance takes hold, and where we as professionals need to focus on what we truly desire.

Rich’s F.O.C.U.S. of ONE keynote takes you through the five defining elements of F.O.C.U.S. – performance, accountability, relationships, leadership and adversity – in an interactive, motivating and entertaining presentation that offers actionable content customized for your individual or organizational goals.

Learn more about the F.O.C.U.S. of ONE Keynote

Being Heard Above the Noise
Six keys real estate professionals overlook when developing a long-term business plan
This interactive keynote presentation details the six critical areas of planning and development for today’s real estate professional. This course was designed for novice to advanced professionals who face a multitude of choices on how to increase their productivity and profitability. Topics covered include finance, acquired skills, creative technology, relationships, mentoring and success fold teaming.
Presenting Words

Communication essentials for real estate professionals
The fear of public speaking ranks as one of the most nerve-wracking challenges for many real estate and business professionals. Buyer and seller presentation seminars open opportunities for developing client relations, but professional agents often lack the presentation skills and confidence to construct effective programs. Assembling the correct words can be difficult enough without adding the fear of presenting your information to a group. This session is designed to guide real estate and associated business professionals through the process of crafting and presenting a defined, quality message and uncover the methods of delivering that message with the confidence that will motivate client and customer audiences. You have the gift of gab, and Rich presents the methods to make you a more effective communicator.

Presenting Words Part 1: Remove Public Speaking Anxiety
Discover what’s behind the fear of public speaking and how to overcome the anxiety of communicating publicly.

Presenting Words Part 2: Craft a Message for Your Audience
Implement methods for crafting a strong message with relevant content and simple structure. A message with meaningful content will attract and keep the interest of today’s buyers and sellers. They need to know exactly what you do.

Presenting Words Part 3: Polish Your Presentation
Command your audience and bring them alive with the use of movement, gestures and voice. Communicate all of your skills and knowledge as a real estate professional to leave a positive impression on your audience.

Super Excellence

In today’s diverse and ever-changing global business environment, service is the prime separator between many real estate brokers, managers and sales professionals. Some of the toughest challenges come from managing the expectations of the process so your clients know what to expect when the plan needs to change. This session takes a detailed look at relationships in the real estate industry and what we as professionals need to focus on to perform for productivity and profitability.

Low Budget Marketing for High Dollar Results

With the many inexpensive avenues we have at our fingertips to market our services, why are we spending so much time and too much money on ineffective means of telling the world who we are and what we do? How are you reaching today’s new and improved client?

In this session:

  • Explore greater ways of reaching the world with a low budget layered marketing plan.
  • Identify generational marketing differences and effective means to spread the word that you are their professional of choice.
  • Develop a marketing approach that is not a costly proposition for your business.

When attempting to navigate through the jungle of negotiation, your mission is to establish the highest position for your client interest. The fine art of the skilled negotiator has slowly faded away. The game has gotten rougher and the players are looking to gain any advantage they can. Guerrilla warfare is now present and cost positional bargaining has become the key to establish the negotiating advantage.

In this session, you will gain the proven skills to obtain maximum advantage for client value positioning.

  • When does the negotiation process start, and where does it end?
  • How will you recognize the skilled players from the novice practitioners?
  • What are the necessary skills of being a more effective negotiator?
  • Who is really in control of your client’s value proposition during the negotiation process?
WealthWave – HEALTH of WEALTH – Financing Your Future
Compounding Health, Wealth and Self as a Real Estate Professional
Healthy financial planning for your business is one of the hardest concepts for today’s business professionals to master, especially if the terminology is a language that is to foreign to comprehend. This program defines the practices and principals of how money flows and how to prepare your financial future.

WealthWave360 Health of Wealth provides the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and resources to help understand and create a plan to prepare for a financially enriched future.
  • Planning and achieving financial success – it’s not too late!
  • Budgeting and financial planning methods from start to finish
  • Investing dollars for long-term benefit
  • Power of compounding and the Rule of 72
  • Flow of hard-earned money, social plans for the generations
  • Investment dollars local and abroad
  • Portfolio identification and short & long term self development
  • Health, wealth, life and retirement – what they never told you

“Purchasing a home is one of the largest and most important investments one will make in a lifetime.” Protecting, tracking, investing in and securing that investment should be just as important. The dimensions and skill sets of today’s real estate professional is ever evolving – it’s even more important to know how money flows in a compounding interest world.

How are you preparing for your financial future?

New Business from a Global Perspective

The market around you is going global and you just don’t know how to get started. You have rarely or never traveled abroad, you don’t speak other languages and you’re confused by the relationship issues of cultural diversity. This should not stop you from developing a new direction into the international realm of real estate and home development.

The global market is growing and how you react to the change will determine your new global business outcome. How will you position your business to incorporate avenues of international real estate opportunities in the immediate future?

This three-hour course will help you to understand the necessary steps for developing a global business perspective with a defined focus and a clear direction.

Expand your business with a global presence

Foreign buyers invested more than $104 billion dollars in U.S. real estate in 2015. On average they paid a higher median price than the U.S. national prices and most paid in cash. This course helps you uncover the global opportunities in your local market and teaches you skills to serve these growing buyer, seller and investor groups. Discover the endless global opportunities available, and realize that your business has no borders.

  • Identify an international business focus to clearly define an area of desired interest.
  • Understand how to deal with savvy investors and the finance vehicles used that drive international business transactions.
  • Recognize the type of Visa programs available for people coming to the United States.
  • Tap into the global network and build true business relations with various organizations and associations.
  • Learn about market dynamics, economic trends and trade economies to propel business viability and business positioning for your market place.
  • Identify with international flow of capital and the rates of money exchange. Become skilled in converting currencies and types of measures.
  • Develop network contacts through international social media avenues that lead to greater referral base business.
  • Expand buyer and seller investment confidence with a greater knowledge of the global real estate market.
  • Establish global business positioning goals to achieve greater income potential.
  • Integrate new opportunities from a global perspective as an international business professional.

Did you know … ?

  • $104 billion U.S. homes sold to international clients and most were cash deals
  • $49,000 more in median price paid by foreign buyers than U.S. buyers
  • $50,000 more earned by REALTORS® with international transaction knowledge and experience
  • International buyers are purchasing property in all 50 states

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