The Rich Hart Show

Rich Hart Show Looking Back While Looking Forward

Rich Hart Show Looking Back While Looking Forward

We’re doing something different on this episode, we’re turning the tables with Rich Hart on the other side of the microphone. Rich is joined in the studio with co-hosts Rich Casanova, founder of the Pro Business Channel alongside Michael Moore, among many talents the host of the Buckhead Business Show.

Join us for a conversation and stories from “the best of” The Rich Hart Show with nationally know speaker on a long list of topics and industries including Real Estate, Leadership, The Power of One, The Power of F.O.C.U.S. and the Need and Efforts of Faith Based and Non Profit Organizations.

Welcome to the Rich Hart Show … Take you to the next level of Business Dynamics Development Show

We’re going to take you on a Journey of the changes and Developments of Rich Hart, Rich Hart Global Inc. and the Evalucore Institute Story, Content Humor and Entertainment of Today’s Industry Giants and Specialists

Skills, Knowledge, Tools & Resources of Today’s Advance Business Strategists

Foremost of Knowledge and Expertise of Today’s Dynamic Business Developments

1) What I experienced along the way of Business Journey of a Lifetime. Success and Failures in the Personal Management of Expectations … Twist and Turns of Focus and the Effect and Affect in today’s Business Environment.

2) World of FOCUS as an Acronym … Life Experience Concepts, what we may of gained or missed along the way of Performance, Accountability, Relationships, Leadership and Adversity and the drivers behind these 5 areas of FOCUS

Through the Physical, Mental Emotional and Spiritual Foundations of Life, Personal and Business Balance.

3) New Global Headquarters in Atlanta, What are we looking to accomplish. New Direction of Rich Hart, my connections are not only associated as an International Business Developer, International Real Estate Broker, Financial & People Services as an International Motivational & Inspirational speaker and presenter.  Building a Sandbox where everybody can bring their toys.

I have been blessed in many ways in my life.  “Faith in Business” I felt it was very important to bring this to the fore-front for today’s corporate, entrepreneur, seasoned to novice business interests wanting to stake their claim to the riches and glories for themselves.

Welcome to the NEW WORLD I’m so happy you came along for the Journey!

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