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Team Rubicon and Bonus RUUM Discuss Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief on the Rich Hart Show

Team Rubicon and Bonus RUUM Discuss Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief on the Rich Hart Show

Joe Messere
Deputy Director of Region Operations, Southeast 
Team Rubicon USA

About Joe:

NonProfit Executive, Veteran, Entrepreneur. Making a difference in people’s lives every day through disaster response and veteran reintegration. Passionate for our dual mission of disaster relief and veteran reintegration. Accountable for implementation of national programs, division strategies, and meeting regional recruiting, training and engagement goals. Ensures sustained readiness, growthand engagement of the volunteer base within the region. Drives excellence, innovation and communication among the regional team, with and across state teams, and with other regions. Accelerates regional development through process creation, standardization, training, and distribution of case studies and best practices.

About Team Rubicon USA:

Team Rubicon focuses on serving vulnerable and at-risk populations affected by disaster. While the initial damage and trauma of natural disasters will impact any population regardless of socio-economic factors, the financial burden of recovery and rebuilding has dramatic and long-lasting repercussions on many rural and urban populations lacking proper insurance and public and private resources.

All Team Rubicon services are provided free of charge.
In 2016, 62 percent of all homes Team Rubicon serviced did not have home insurance. An American Progress report noted that the most extreme weather events typically harmed counties with household incomes below the U.S. median annual income of $51,941. Wildfires, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms devastated areas with households that earned on average three percent less than the U.S. median income. It is easy to imagine the positive, long-term impact Team Rubicon’s free assistance provided to these families.

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. Team Rubicon’s primary mission is providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters, be they domestic or international. By pairing the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders, medical professionals, and technology solutions, Team Rubicon aims to provide the greatest service and impact possible.

Through continued service, Team Rubicon seeks to provide our veterans with three things they lose after leaving the military: a purpose, gained through disaster relief; community, built by serving with others; and identity, from recognizing the impact one individual can make. Coupled with leadership development and other opportunities, Team Rubicon looks to help veterans transition from military to civilian life.

Serving the Underserved
Across the world, disasters are a part of life. No corner of the globe is spared from severe weather – be it crippling winter storms, catastrophic hurricanes, or unchecked wildfires.

By focusing on underserved or economically-challenged communities, Team Rubicon seeks to makes the largest impact possible. Disasters represent a massive financial cost, and by providing immediate relief work, free of cost, TR aims to help communities begin recovery sooner.

Topics to Discuss:
Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief

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Chet Tischer, Owner
Bonus RUUM

About Chet:

 Manage all aspects of custom home construction as well as multiple remodeling projects focused primarily
on the challenges of multi-generational living
 Provided cost saving measures on each project resulting in positive cash flow on every project
 Successfully managed each project with a 100% safety rating and no warranty issues
 Implemented a cooperative capitalism initiative whereby we eliminated our marketing cost and business
increased. Which in turn increased the profits and profit margins.
 In 2014 I completed a 29 lot subdivision, for a past investor, in Powder Springs, GA. And sold the lots to a local builder.
Tandem Realty, LLC.
Owner / Principal, Marietta, GA August 2007 – 2009
 Marketed, Managed and Advertised over 200 Million dollars in real estate assets
 Established and operated a successful full service Real Estate and Marketing Company
 Provided and enhanced the sales/marketing strategies for several building and development companies
 Successfully provided on-line advertising for developed lots, commercial sites, and raw land
 Provided custom marketing packages, including full investment overview, community brochure, fact sheet,
utility availability, site plan, plat, covenants, and provided every piece of due diligence information
Land Group Partners, LLC.
Owner / Principal, Marietta, GA October, 2003 – 2010
 Successfully formed and operated a land acquisition and land development company
 Owned, and or managed over 450 Million dollars of assets
 Facilitated all aspects of the acquisitions and site development process, construction management both for
myself and other developers
 Managed the engineering and the architectural design process
 Managed several commercial and residential sites simultaneously
 Negotiated all acquisition contracts and vendor agreements. Prepared strict budgets and timeline schedules
with updates to the owners on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
 Handled due diligence, re-zoning, facilitated community awareness meetings, permitting, and all aspects of
construction supervision such as geotechnical and environmental studies.
 Acted as a liaison between the owners of the property and the county officials, elected officials, as well as
the surrounding community
 Utilized leadership and organizational skills to motivate, and support builders and sales associates
throughout the home and/or site selling process.
 Upon request I can provide a complete list of all developments I have completed. From acquisitions, to rezoning, to site construction, and in some cases we built the homes, and in other cases we sold the lots.

Cobb Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors, 2003-2006
East Cobb Area Council Chairman-2006
Executive Committee-2007
Chairman over all Area Councils-2007
Leadership Cobb
Leadership Cobb Alumni association 2004–2012
Leadership Cobb Committee Chair 2007

About Bonus RUUM:

Bonus RUUM is an affordable way to add livable space to your house without the cost and permanence of remodeling. Everyone here at Bonus RUUM is dedicated to the well being, safety, and comfort of the people in need of home health care.   We have combined cutting edge technology with home health care and found a way to integrate it seamlessly into your house.

Topics to Discuss:
Up-coming project
Funding opportunities

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