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The Evalucore Institute offers a host of Real Estate courses and seminars designed around helping individuals and businesses achieve excellence at its finest, including specialized Real Estate Designation and Certification courses. Click below to see what Rich has to offer today’s Real Estate Managers and Professionals!

ABR® – Accredited Buyer’s Representative Designation (2-day)

Course Objective

The goal of the 2-day ABR® Designation Course is to establish a foundation of training, skills, and resources to help real estate professionals succeed as a buyer’s representative. Students learn to:

  • Understand and demonstrate your value to today’s buyer.
  • Acquire the skills and resources to succeed as a buyer’s agent in a dynamic real estate market.
  • Help buyers find the right property at the right terms and price in both buyer’s and seller’s markets. 



SRS® – Sellers Representative Specialist (2-Day)

Course Objective

The 2-day SRS Designation Course provides a comprehensive foundation of skill development, training and resources to help real estate professionals represent the interests of sellers in today’s marketplace.

Students will learn to:

  • Increase listings and grow their business
  • Demonstrate and communicate their value package to seller clients
  • Understand and apply the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Understand and comply with state license laws when representing sellers
  • Understand and apply methods, tools, and techniques to provide the support and services that sellers want and need 



RENE – Real Estate Negotiating Expert Certification (2-Day)

Course Objective

This new 2-day Certification Course is an interactive experience to help negotiators elevate their game! The course examines all types of negotiation formats and methods so that today’s negotiators can play the game to win. A full spectrum of tips, tools, techniques and advantages will be provided so that negotiators can provide effective results for their client.

The second day of the course focuses on real-world field scenarios to help negotiators apply the power tools, techniques and tactics learned on the first day.

Understanding the tactics and techniques is one thing, however, learning how to recognize them being done and using them effectively requires practice, is another. These field scenarios provide the foundational experience and practice negotiators need to master so they can effectively advocate for their clients.



SRES® – Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation (2-Day)
Course Objective

The SRES® Designation Course helps real estate professionals develop the business-building skills and resources for specialization in the 50+ real estate market by expanding knowledge of how life stages impact real estate choices, connecting to a network of resources, and fostering empathy with clients and customers.

MRP – Military Relocation Professional Certification (1-Day)
Course Objective

The goal of Military Relocation Professional Certification Core Course is to educate real estate professionals about working with current and former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs—as sellers or buyers–and take full advantage of military benefits and support. Students will learn how to provide the real estate services—at any stage in the service member’s military career—that meet the needs of this niche market and win future referrals.

Real Estate Investment: Build Wealth, Representing Investors, & Business of Becoming One Yourself (1-Day)
What all Professionals should know about Investing…

Course Objective

As an asset class, real estate offers many distinct benefits–the opportunities to generate passive income, leverage capital, and increase tax reduction strategies, to name a few. As a source of clients, investors look to real estate professionals with distinct knowledge and expertise–a nose for finding properties, an understanding of available finance and investment strategies, access to contractors for repairs, and ability to manage properties, to name a few. This one-day course covers the fundamentals of real estate investment that practitioners need to know to expand their business services. In addition, this course helps students understand what it takes and develop the skills necessary to represent investors in the brokerage of single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and/or small multifamily properties, as well as help these clients reach their investment goals. You will learn how to work with investors as they set, plan, evaluate, and acquire properties and manage them. This course also examines how real estate professionals can invest in residential property and build wealth for the long term. Lastly, you will learn how to “walk the talk” and become a real estate investor yourself.


C-RETS: Certified Real Estate Team Specialist Certification (All 1-Day Courses)
The Certified Real Estate Team Specialist Certification is designed to improve team development, individual leadership skills, and financial performance. The courses provide the tools, strategies, and knowledge that are required of today’s real estate professionals who are either considering or currently operating in a team environment. It is for team leaders, team members, those looking to start a team, and those who simply want to sharpen their management skills.


HR Solutions for Teams: Find. Hire. Compensate. Train. Evaluate. Fire. (1-Day)

Course Objective

This one-of-a-kind course will answer all of your risk and liability questions when it comes to finding, hiring, compensating, training, evaluating, and firing team members.

  • The growth of teams has clearly outpaced the support activities needed to ensure their success.
  • This course will give you a firm foundation on how to manage your human resources and how to acquire and attract the right talent for your team.


Designing & Sustaining Successful Teams (1-Day)

Course Objective

The concept of a real estate team is nothing new. They have existed for decades, but over the past several years, the team concept has evolved and become far more ubiquitous. As the real estate industry progresses and the consumers’ demands on the agent increase, many real estate professionals have begun moving their existing single-agent practice to a more sophisticated and advanced model to better serve their clients and become more profitable.

This up-to-date course will answer your questions as it relates to:

  • The Foundation & Design of a Team
  • The Stages of Team Design
  • Marketing Your Team
  • Technology & Communication
  • Systems & Workflow


Position Your Team for Profit (1-Day)

Course Objective

In today’s environment, profitability for many real estate teams is razor-thin. A keen appreciation of the numbers behind the numbers will give you the edge you need.

This course will help you:

  • Learn critical decision-making tools needed to focus on increasing profits.
  • Get techniques can be smoothly integrated into the daily operations of your team.
  • Set financial objectives to achieve superior performance.


Team Leadership for Maximum Performance (1-Day)

Course Objective

Today’s team leaders must deal with a myriad of challenges, such has managing turnover, training and mentoring — in addition to running a successful and profitable business. To be successful, you must develop and implement a leadership strategy that addresses these challenges and have the flexibility to adapt to different personalities and different situation.

This course is designed to help you understand the different management and leadership techniques and apply them to everyday situations.

CRB – Council of Real Estate Broker Managers Designation (All 1-Day Courses)
The Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB) designation is designed for experienced owners, brokers, managers, and supervisors to raise professional standards, strengthen individual and office performance, and sharpen expertise in brokerage management. Since 1968, CRB has represented the highest level of professional achievement in real estate brokerage management. You do not need a broker’s license to earn the CRB designation.


Show Me the Money – Compensation Planning (1-Day)

Course Objective

Welcome to the new CRB Course about compensation! This course covers an integral part of any successful brokerage, which is coming up with a compensation plan.

In this course, our goals are the following learning objectives:

  1. Identify and understand the relationship between compensation and profitability for a real estate brokerage.
  2. List and understand types of compensation to agent:
  • 100% commission, including variations and caps
  • Splits
  • Salary
  • Draw and commissions
  • Other
  1. Compare and analyze compensation programs and profitability.
  2. Employ compensation to direct agents’ efforts, e.g. more listings, more sales.
  3. Assess the use of bonuses, both year-end and signing.
  4. Identify and debate profit sharing; including buy-ins.
  5. Construct and share an operating statement for sharing with agents.
  6. Construct a sample compensation program for a brokerage.


Building a Business Plan the Gets Results (1-Day)

Course Objective

Strategic business planning and implementation are fundamental to the success of any real estate company. The plan must be relevant and address both internal and external changes and challenges. In addition, the company’s values, vision and mission must guide it. It should also be executed so that every staff and/or team member is positioned to optimize their contribution.

This one-day course provides you with a process for developing a strategic business plan, guidelines for implementing that plan and methods for how to apply the plan to real world situations.


Creating a Profitable Real Estate Company (1-Day)

Course Objective

Creating profit in real estate requires focus and diligence, as well as an understanding of the areas of your business you must be paying attention to as a business owner.

This one day course will help the real estate business owner understand basic accounting principles, the importance of recruiting to profitability, and an understanding of when you should hire someone to assist you in running the financial part of your business so you can stay focused on your team members.

You will also learn the importance of monthly reporting and the analysis and interpretation of your financial position against profitability.


Exit Strategies for Real Estate Brokerage Owners (1-Day)

Course Objective

Strategic planning of your company’s exit strategy is fundamental to the future of any real estate company. The plan must be relevant and address both internal and external changes and challenges. Even if you are just beginning your journey in business, it is important to have an exit strategy. It will not only help you keep a clear focus of your end result, but also share a clear vision with your staff and help to navigate through challenging times along the way.

This one-day course provides you with an understanding of the importance of developing a successful exit strategy for your business. You will leave with a wealth of knowledge in necessary considerations, examples of success exit strategies and the guidelines for developing your own exit strategy.


The Firm Rules – Company Policies to Mitigate Risk (1-Day) 

Course Objective

Company policies are essential to mitigate risk and limit liability. This course provides a checklist of items that should be included in a policy manual and introduces options for each component. From federal mandates, state regulations and Code of Ethics compliance to employment laws, data security, and brokerage policy options, you’ll come away with a clear understanding of what should be addressed.


Managing a Multi-Generational Business (1-Day) 

Course Objective

For the first time in modern history, 4 generations – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials – are working side by side and presenting new challenges for managers and their employees in the workplace. A definite lack of awareness exists among these four distinct generations. Typically, those of each generation feel they know best, better than those who came earlier, and certainly much better than the new kids on the block. This leads to management challenges and productivity issues.

But whether this multi-generational workplace feels happy and productive or challenging and stressful is, in large part, up to you: the boss. How should you relate to agents and employees of different age groups? How do you motivate someone much older or much younger than you? And finally: what can you do to encourage agents and employees of different generations to share their knowledge?

It is important to understand where each generation is coming from: When they were born, what factors influenced them growing up, what they value and what motivates them. But don’t make the mistake of thinking people are just their “generation”. Each group has its own distinct characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work, based on its generation’s life experiences. At first, the challenges of understanding how those from other generations think can be an obstacle that creates conflict and miscommunication. However, with a little discussion and understanding, organizations can capitalize on the value each group brings to the office.

This Course will help you bridge the generational gaps, building awareness that will lead to better hires, happier employees, stronger teams, and a healthier office/company. It helps participants understand what makes each generation unique, and how each adds its own perspective and value to the workplace.


Recruiting for Success – Creating a Vibrant Real Estate Organization (1-Day) 

Course Objective

This course was created to help brokers, owners, and managers understand how important recruiting is to have a successful real estate office or company. At the end of this course you will have the tools necessary to implement a strategy to become an active and successful recruiter. You will also understand the importance of retention, or “re-recruiting” your current agents. And you will have a great understanding of the importance of “de-hiring” those agents who should not be a part of your organization.


Performance Leadership – Coach, Manage, & Mentor (1-Day) 

Course Objective

Today’s managers must deal with a myriad of leadership challenges, such as recruiting, managing turnover, training and mentoring; in addition to running a successful and profitable business. To succeed, you must develop and implement a leadership strategy that addresses these challenges and has the flexibility to adapt to different personalities and different situations.


HR Solutions for Today’s Real Estate Company (1-Day) 

Course Objective

This one-of-a-kind course will help you navigate the legal risks related to employees and independent contractors. Brokers, owners and managers need to take great care to properly classify salespeople for federal and state law purposes, and to ensure compliance with the classification requirements of the applicable law. This course will help you understand, implement and maintain employee and independent contractor relationships while mitigating risk and limiting liability.

CIPS® – Certified International Property Specialist Designation (All 1-Day Courses)
The CIPS course curriculum offers you hands-on experience with international real estate transactions, as well as five full days of study focusing on the critical aspects of transnational transactions, including: Currency and exchange rate issues, Cross-cultural relationships, Regional market conditions, Investment performance and Tax issues. This course will provide you with the knowledge, research, network, and tools to globalize your business and develop/grow your real estate business on not only a national level but international as well.


Global Real Estate: Local Markets (1-Day) 

Course Objective

This introductory course offers you an overview of the international real estate business environment, including capital flow, currencies, government regulations, and cultures. Topics such as international brokerage, networking, marketing, and selling will also be discussed.

Global Real Estate: Local Markets is the first of seven international courses developed by Global Business and Alliances of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR). This course is designed to introduce real estate professionals to the basic skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate international real estate transactions. This is the prerequisite course required to earn the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation.

The course is designed to benefit experienced international professionals, individuals with real estate experience who are considering international specialization, and NAR general membership.


Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools (1-Day) 

Course Objective

This course provides you with the tools needed to present investment information to international clients—in their currency and area. You will learn how to measure investment performance, prepare financial projections, and understand the effects of taxes and exchange rates on investment.


The Business of U.S. Real Estate (1-Day)

Course Objective

This course provides international real estate practitioners with knowledge of the role of real estate in the U.S. economy and society. The course will describe the role of real estate in the U.S. economy and society as well as knowledge of the U.S. real estate marketplace. The course materials provide information on the requirements, regulations, and laws associated with working as a real estate professional in the U.S. and skills for facilitating real estate transactions in the U.S. market.


Europe & International Real Estate (1-Day) 

Course Objective

This course provides you with insight in regard to working with clients in Western and Central Europe. Topics include: the European Union and its impact on international real estate, economic and real estate trends, networking and relationship building, and marketing and selling practices.


Asia/ Pacific & International Real Estate (1-Day) 

Course Objective

This course addresses real estate practices in Asia and the Pacific with emphasis on cultural influences, economic trends, and assessment of investment opportunities. An extra chapter on working with the Japanese is also included.


The Americas & International Real Estate (1-Day) 

Course Objective

This course offers you practical information on working with Caribbean, North, Central, and South American investors. Historical and cultural influences, regional relationship, and investment opportunities are also covered.

AHWD – At Home with Diversity Certification (1-Day)
Course Objective

The class teaches real estate professionals how they can increase their sensitivity and adaptability to future market trends. It addresses issues of diversity, fair housing, and cultural differences. Participants will learn practical skills and tools to expand business and effectively service all cultural groups.

The At Home With Diversity® course is part of a comprehensive cultural diversity outreach program that will help real estate companies diversify their workplaces and improve the industry’s ability to serve culturally diverse consumers. NAR and HUD undertook a joint effort in 1998 to certify over 20,000 real estate professionals who are trained regarding cultural diversity and outreach and have made a commitment to a set of diversity principles. The training, built on the letter and spirit of the Fair Housing Act, provides participants with tools to build diversity outreach into their business plans to best serve a dynamic and growing market. This course is available to all professionals involved in the real estate transaction.

Product Overview

At Home With Diversity® is an educational experience designed to present a picture of the changing face of the real estate industry. More importantly, the class teaches how real estate professionals can increase their sensitivity and adaptability to future market trends. Additionally, you will learn to thrive as an effective service provider and community leader. The course addresses issues of diversity, fair housing, and cultural differences. All three subjects are closely related and have value for real estate professionals who must serve diverse local markets.

SFR – Short Sales & Foreclosure Representative Certification (1-Day)
Course Objective

For many real estate professionals, short sales and foreclosures represent the new “traditional” real estate transaction. Knowing how to maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as how to identify the distinct real estate opportunities in foreclosure are not merely good skills to have in today’s market, they are critical. This course helps students evaluate all available options for distressed homeowners and identify the components of an effective short-sale package. This course looks at how real estate professionals can counsel buyer-clients in the purchase of foreclosure properties and as a practical resource, this course shows students how consumers can avoid foreclosure in the future.

(NHC-BR): New-Home Construction & Buyer Representation (1-Day)
Course Objective

The goal of this course is to help real estate professionals gain the product and transaction knowledge needed in order to guide buyer-clients through the steps and processes for purchase, construction, and customization of a new home. Students will learn how to interact with new home builders and sales representatives to protect clients’ interests while developing productive business relationships.

PSA- Pricing Strategy Advisor: Mastering the CMA Certification (1-Day)
Course Objective

The key to competitive home pricing is becoming proficient at Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs). In the Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA course, you will learn how to evaluate the existing real estate market to take the guesswork out of pricing homes.

As the core requirement for the Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certification, this course will enable you to:

  • Determine the market-based value range of a home
  • Compile a CMA report for proper presentation
  • Select appropriate comparables and make accurate adjustments to them for use in developing home price opinions
  • Guide sellers and buyers through the details of CMAs and the underlying pricing principles that inform them
  • Interact effectively with appraisers

Take the Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA course and become a recognized leader in home pricing.

WCR: Effective Negotiating for Real Estate Professionals (1-Day)
Course Objective

Effective negotiating on behalf of others is the hallmark of the buyer’s and seller’s representatives. This course examines positional bargaining and value negotiating. It also examines unique issues when representing someone in a negotiation and breaking a negotiation impasse.

The Effective Negotiating course counts as one of the three designation courses required for the Performance Management Network Designation. This is a new curriculum course and will satisfy the designation transition for current LTGs. It also meets the elective course requirement for the ABR® Designation awarded by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC). A copy of the course completion certificate is required to receive credit towards your ABR® designation.

WCR: Harnessing the Power: Skill-Based Performance Management (1-Day)
Course Objective

This course will teach you how to harness the power of performance management skills to challenge yourself, to manage your time effectively, to build credibility, and develop a personal vision.

The Harnessing the Power: Skills Based Performance Management course counts as one of the three designation courses required for the Performance Management Network Designation. It also meets the elective course requirement for the ABR® Designation awarded by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC).

Real Estate Marketing Reboot (1-Day)
Course Objective

Real estate professionals know how critical it is to employ a creative and memorable marketing approach, while clearly communicating services and value based on the buyer’s needs and expectations. But what is the best way to strike this balance? Do open houses and postcard mailings still work? Can the same strategies work for different target markets? How are blogs and social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, really used for marketing? This one-day course explores both traditional and cutting-edge strategies to “reboot” the real estate professional’s marketing efforts and take them to the next level. The course also examines various tools and technologies available to maximize marketing impact.

Generation Buy (1-Day)
Course Objective

At any given time, today’s real estate professionals may be working with four generations of real estate buyers: Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Matures. How do real estate professionals assess the distinct wants and needs of these generations and nurture real estate client relationships for a lifetime?

Generation Buy is a one‐day course in which students examine the characteristics of these home buying generations and evaluate their expectations of the agent, the transaction, and communication preferences. As a turnkey resource, this course offers generation‐specific marketing tools, networking tips, scripts, and counseling strategies to help real estate professionals formalize their agency relationships.

Generation Buy is an approved elective for the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation. For more information about this designation, visit the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council at www.REBAC.net.

Generating Buyer & Seller Leads: Capture, Qualify, Convert (1-Day)
Course Objective

This one-day course is an essential primer on how real estate professionals can generate leads, qualify leads, and convert qualified leads to clients. Students will learn the requirements for their lead generation strategies and efforts to be successful. They will analyze systems, tactics, and tools to keep leads warm and to maintain top-of-mind awareness. The steps of converting leads—making contact, providing information, asking questions, and qualifying leads—will be unbundled and examined. This course offers tips for choosing the best smartphone, tablet, email marketing platform, and customer relationship management (CRM) system as well as current apps. This course explores the business fundamentals of how to track, research, and quantify the leads that real estate professionals develop. This course also looks at online sites like Realtor.com and Zillow as well as online paid advertising techniques and social media marketing strategies. As a practical resource, this course offers drip email templates and sample scripts that agents can apply to their business immediately.

e-Pro Certification (2-Day)
Course Objective

The first part of the program provides high-level digital marketing theory, with practical suggestions for its consistent implementation. You will examine the modern consumer and discover how to capture and convert these prospects into clients. You will dive into an overall online marketing strategy that includes how to use content to engage consumers. Using the concept of the Hub and Spokes online marketing model, you will learn how to optimize your primary web-based presence (your hub) and align your other online marketing activities (your spokes) to connect with modern consumers and convert them into clients.

You will also discover where to focus your efforts in social media and how to develop a consistent and sustainable content creation strategy. This course provides a thorough overview of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as image-focused social networks like Instagram and Pinterest. Intellectual property rules will also be covered, and online advertising and paid marketing will be touched upon. In addition to using technology to market your business, market your listings and connect with clients, technology is used throughout the buying and selling process. When home buyers and sellers do business with real estate professionals, they trust that the information they share will be kept confidential – so it is up to you to protect your clients’ data and protect it from data breaches.

In the second half of the course you will learn about the importance of data privacy and security as well as how to develop data privacy policies and procedures and fulfill legal responsibilities created by a data breach.

GREEN Designation (2-Day)

Green Day 1: The Resource-Efficient Home: Remodels, Retrofits, Renovations, & New-Home Construction

Course Objective

NAR Green Day 1: The Resource-Efficient Home: Remodels, Retrofits, Renovations, and New-Home Construction covers the distinguishing characteristics that make a home resource thrifty. The course looks at why consumer demand for these homes is increasing and how both the homes and consumer expectations impact the market. The course prepares real estate professionals to provide advice and sources of information to help homeowners improve the resource efficiency of their homes from low-cost fixes and DIY projects to retrofitting and replacing systems to big budget remodeling projects. The course also looks at constructing a new, resource-efficient home and the value that real estate professionals can bring to the design and build team.

Green Day 2: Representing Buyers & Sellers: Resource-Efficient Homes 

Course Objective

NAR Green Day 2: Representing Buyers and Sellers: Resource-Efficient Homes, the second course in the designation program sequence, focuses on applying your knowledge of resource-efficient, smart, and certified homes and adapting your core real estate skills to build business success in the niche market for resource-efficient homes.

RSPS: Resort & Second-Home Markets (Home Sweet Home) – Vacation, Investment, Luxury Properties Certification (1-Day)
Course Objective

RSPS is recognized as an official NAR Certification, and allows buyers and sellers to have confidence in the ability of a REALTOR® who specializes in buying, selling or management of properties for investment, development, retirement, or second homes in a resort, recreational and/or vacation destination, to assist them with their search. The resort and second-home market differ in a number of ways from primary residential market. Buyer interest ranges from small, rustic getaways to luxury properties, and includes an international clientele and the investment and retirement markets. Buying, selling, or managing second homes in a resort, recreational, and/or vacation destination requires understanding of the recreation and lifestyle market, tax treatment of vacation and second homes, and real estate investment. The course is designed to teach the essentials of buying, selling, or managing resort properties and second homes for recreation, investment, and development by U.S. and international clients and customers in the United States.

Corporate Relocation: The Next Move (1-Day)
Course Objective

Corporation Relocation: The Next Move provides students with knowledge of the corporate relocation landscape that can be applied to help them recognize and take advantage of business opportunities, as well as, create methods for developing a relocation real estate niche, deliver positive results for all transaction stakeholders, and gain valuable referrals.

Marketing Strategy & Lead Generation (1-Day)

Course Objective

  • Understand and demonstrate your value to today’s buyer.
  • Acquire the skills and resources to succeed as a buyer’s agent in a dynamic real estate market
  • Help buyers find right property at the right terms and price in both buyer’s and seller’s markets

Employer-Assisted Housing: Unlock a New Market (1-Day)
Course Objective

This course will empower you to expand your outreach in your community, teach you how to find resources and partners, and plan initiatives to contribute to a vibrant community. You will learn how to work with local employers to discuss employer-assisted housing (EAH), EAH’s benefits, and three options employers can implement to help their employees become homeowners or afford a home close to work.

Putting REALTOR® Safety First: Safety Strategies for the Modern Realtor (1hr, 3hr or 6-hr)
Course Objective

The goal of this course is to instill safety awareness and habits as second nature so that real estate professionals—as well as their clients and customers—know how to avert or respond to dangerous situations and avoid harm as they practice their profession.

Expanding Housing Opportunities: A Vital Tool in Todays’ Economy (4hr)
Course Objective

This course teaches you how to build partnerships in your practice. You will learn how to develop relationships with housing counselors, nonprofit organizations, lenders, and governmental agencies and officials. These partnerships will open new avenues to affordability. Most importantly, you will partner with your clients more effectively than before as you find the services and opportunities that are right for them.

Mortgage and Finance for Real Estate Professionals (1-Day)
Course Objective

This course will teach you how to guide your buyers through the mortgage preapproval process by, for example,
creating a mortgage application checklist with all of the documents they will need. The course also covers
resources for addressing low credit scores, alternative financing options like first-time homebuyer assistance or
low-down payment programs, and how to avoid the most common mortgage preapproval-not just
prequalification – has become key for buyers competing against multiple offers in today’s market.