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Streamline your course manual printing process with Evalucore Institute’s Print-on-Demand services. With our best-in-class printers, we will print and deliver your manuals anywhere in the US. No longer is manual printing a struggle. Forget the days trying to print manuals by yourself or with your staff in your back office, take one more hurdle away from hosting a successful event and chose Evalucore Institute to print your course manuals and training materials.

Course document packs are available to accommodate the manual orders as a complete offering (exams, exam answer sheets, instructor evaluations, and course student data forms).

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No Minimum Quantities

Order as little or as much as you want on any order, making sure you can always get what you need

International Partners

We are an international partner service provider, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you need your manuals, we can get it there


Certified Quality

Every manual meets the same quality standard, no matter how many manuals you need or where they’re being sent

48-hour processing

We will process your order in only 48 hours, for no additional cost, regardless of the order size

Pick-Up or Shipping

We offer pick-up or shipping services nationwide for all our orders

Trusted Provider

We are the chosen manual printer for several national and regional groups and associations