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Communicating Story as a Business Leader and Professional with Dr. Gene Griessman on the Rich Hart Show

Communicating Story as a Business Leader with Dr. Gene Griessman on the Rich Hart Show

Focused upon Time Management, Leadership, Diversity and Change Management.

The man who brings to life one of America’s most beloved Presidents at conferences and company meetings Gene Griessman is celebrated around the world for his books, training films, and memorable presentations.  As an actor and playwright, he has performed at Ford’s Theater, the Georgia Domebefore 25,000, the Lincoln Memorial, and aboard the famed carrier the USS Abraham Lincoln.  He has conducted exclusive interviews with American Presidents, actors, sports stars, and business leaders.  He has won numerous awards including the Benjamin Franklin Award.  He often appears on television and radio, and his award-winning productions have aired nationally.

Dr. Gene Griessman

He is the creator of  If credibility is important…. his award-winning book “The Achievement Factors” is considered a classic. “Time Tactics Of Very Successful People,” published by McGrawHill, is in its 38th printing. “The Words Lincoln Lived By,” published by Simon & Schuster in its 18th printing.  He is author of “Lincoln Speaks To Leaders,” “Lessons from Legends,” “Lincoln’s Wisdom;” and the celebrated training film “Lincoln On Communication.”

Dr. Griessman has taught at major universities in the US and abroad—at William and Mary, North Carolina State UniversityAuburn UniversityTuskegee University, and Georgia Tech.  He served as a Fulbright professor at the University of Islamabad, the National Graduate University of Pakistan, and as a visiting researcher at the National Agrarian University of Peru and the University of New South Wales in Australia. He is a member of the Television Academy.

Show Topic:  What makes People Successful while engaging and communicating story as a “Thought Leader” and “Business Professional” in today’s diverse and ever changing environment.

1) Your Story:

“The 16th President of the United States of America, Abe Lincoln” the embodiment of your personal story and the impact your story has made in your life. How has Lincoln been able to carve effective leadership principals in today’s business environment. Your “Voice” and the “Privilege of the Platform” that you have been able to share.

2) As a Though Leader, Communicator and Consultant:

“Surround yourself with Great People” Teaming with Great People within your personal and Business community. Why is this such a valuable Tool, Skill and Resource in business today; especially in the role of individual Leadership Positions? The elements that surround Failure vs. Accomplishment.

3) The View of Success:

Achieving and Reaching higher levels.
Your expertise in Time Management, Leadership, Diversity and Change Management.
What are today’s leaders missing?
“Make Me Feel Important” the significance and importance of this statement.

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