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Pastor Steve Saintus on the Rich Hart Show

Pastor Steve Saintus on the Rich Hart Show

Steve Saintus – Senior Pastor, Missionary and Business
Leader of Haiti and Dominican (NorthStar Church)

Pastor:  Steve Saintus – Haiti – Dominican Republic (NorthStar Church)
“Mission of your Business” – Haiti and Dominican Republic
“The Call for the Children, Family and Faith in a Far Away Land”
Topic: The Mission as a Leader and the Calling to a Diverse Level of Leadership

Pastor Steve Saintus was born in Port-au-Prince, in 1970. He left for the Unites States in 1986 where he became an educator in the public school system licensed in the areas of Math, French and Adult Education. Steve has studied electrical engineering, and theology. He is currently pending a doctorate degree in Education from Liberty University. He is soon-to-be a published author of his autobiography. He is also an enrolled agent with the IRS and has his own tax firm.
Pastor Steve has functioned in various leadership roles. He is a senior pastor who has planted many churches here in the USA and abroad. He is president and founder of Hosanna Helping Hand, a non-profit organization that supports the various schools and ministries internationally. He is a family counselor, a bible professor, an entrepreneur, but most importantly he is husband to the angel of his life, Esther for twenty-five years and father to his wonderful twenty-four year old son Joshua, his gift from God.

Most people who know him describe him as a loving and caring  human being, a promoter of excellence, a passionate visionary, but above all a servant of God and a man of great faith. After the earthquake that devastated his home land-Haiti, Steve moved his ministry to Haiti to help those in need. He is running an elementary school of 200 kids, a professional school with 47 young men and women, and a group home where he has opened his personal home to 10 kids whose parents are not able to care for.

Pastor Steve looks forward to a future of ministering the gospel  of Jesus through his personal testimonies and experiences to reach people for Christ, and caring for those in need.

1) Concept behind “Journey of Steve Saintus’s Leadership”
a) Earth Quake of 2010 / Can’t Sit Back and Do Nothing…
b) Leadership of an existing Foundation (Desalines) – Philosophy
was just not working… But need to Make a Change
c) Calling of Ministry- Haiti Calling my Name – STORY OF SARAH
LEADERSHIP: Strength, Confidence and Desire
2) ADVERSITY- Test of Faith, Obedience and Trust
a) Country of Political Instability
b) Poorest of the 3 rd World Countries and beyond
c) Poor Living Conditions, Food, Water, Health… Etc…

If the Country could talk… As a leader, dealing with the dark time, people and Behaviors, Support (Family) and the Surrounding Community’s around the Glob

ADVERSITY: Challenges, Choice and Decisions
3) CHANGE: Your Leadership Direction… Birth of the Mission of Ministry
NO MORE based on Self Predicated, Self-Medicated and Self Motivated
a) Surrounded by SO MANY CHILDREN.
Birth of the Hosanna and Christian Academy
b) Support: Partners of the NorthStar Community, School for the Children, Sponsor a Child,

4) How do we get “People” involved, “The HEART of PRAYER” Those who Develop the Process and the Players involved in the process

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